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Letter from the board:

Children at Play (also referred to as [email protected]) is a 100% non-profit Organisation, that solely rely on the support of volunteers. Therefore, no administration fees are taken by the organisation or its members, as all involved have regular jobs, and they only try to make a positive contribution to South Africa.

[email protected] have sponsors / partners working with them to support communities through charitable contributions and cause-related activities for children from all backgrounds. The support varies between sponsorship of money or assets that we distribute. In 2012 [email protected] supported more than 7000 children, and with your help they can help even more.

The Founder and Chairperson of [email protected] is Lion du Plessis. Lion has qualifications in the following areas: Law, Higher Education, Certified Financial Management, Project Management, Top and Middle Management, Sales and recently completed a diploma in Human Rights and Healthy Living.

With [email protected] Food, [email protected] Ministries, [email protected] Sport and [email protected] Education, we believe that children from all backgrounds can get the tools to develop and grow up to be responsible, productive citizens in their country.

You as an individual or company can get involved and join us in “Changing the world for individuals”!

Kind regards,

The [email protected] Board

[email protected] is a registered non-profit organisation, SARS PBO and approved in terms of Section 18A tax benefit. We are focused on supporting children or families with children. Registration number: 078-601

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