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[email protected] Health in partnership with CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) joined hands to help children with cancer and children affected by cancer. [email protected] Health is focused on creating awareness about cancer, cancer prevention, and supporting cancer survivors – Little Warriors At Play!

[email protected] Health’s activities include donating prosthetics to these affected children whose families are not in a position to afford it. Other activities include providing mosquito nets to needy families in malaria affected areas, encouraging people in cholera affected areas to be aware of the risks and dangers, and to drink and use clean water at all times. This is where [email protected] Health and [email protected] Food work together by providing water purifiers in those areas.

[email protected] Health would also like to increase our involvement in HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness.

Support [email protected] Health, you can help change the world for individuals!


Donations can be made through any of the following methods:

1. PAYPAL: (International US$)
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2. PAYFAST: (SA Rand)
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Transfer money from any bank to:
Children at Play
Cheque account
Account no. 62415589756
Branch code 270344

[email protected] is a registered non-profit organisation, SARS PBO and approved in terms of Section 18A tax benefit. We are focused on supporting children or families with children. Registration number: 078-601

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