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[email protected] Ministries focusses on spreading the Word of God. God is the foundation of every life, career, and success achieved. Therefore [email protected] Ministries is a crucial part of the existence of [email protected] and the role we play in the world.

[email protected] Ministries activities include providing AudioBibles to illiterate communities in their own languages, making it easier for them to hear and spread the Gospel. The AudioBibles are charged through a built-in solar panel, and can be ordered in almost any African language. Each Audio-bible is R250 (about $25) but can reach an estimated target group of about 50 people, as families in communities share this amongst each other.

[email protected] Ministries also distribute children’s Bibles in various languages, as well as conventional Bibles where needed. These bibles can be bought by individuals or churches and sponsored to [email protected] or donations can be made to [email protected] for this purpose.

Support [email protected] Ministries, you can help change the world for individuals!


Donations can be made through any of the following methods:

1. PAYPAL: (International US$)
Secure third party payment method (Click donate button for secure donation)

2. PAYFAST: (SA Rand)
Secure third party payment method (Click donate button for secure donation)

Transfer money from any bank to:
Children at Play
Cheque account
Account no. 62415589756
Branch code 270344

[email protected] is a registered non-profit organisation, SARS PBO and approved in terms of Section 18A tax benefit. We are focused on supporting children or families with children. Registration number: 078-601

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