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[email protected] Education

[email protected] Education is a project aimed at enabling learners from different backgrounds and those living in poverty to have the necessary tools to do their school work efficiently. Many families are living in extreme poverty and can’t provide stationery to their children, and the schools usually have limited resources. By supplying thousands of children each with their own stationery pack not only give them the opportunity to enhance their learning experience, but also motivate them to work harder for success. The stationery packs usually include a pencil case (branding is optional), pen, pencil, ruler, sharpener, scissors, eraser, glue, colouring pencils and an examination pad. Depending on the need and the age group, there can be additional stationery included in these packs. As part of [email protected] Education, we provide pre-selected children with bursaries where possible. Children with such a drive to succeed in life deserve a fair chance of reaching their goals.

[email protected] Sport

[email protected] Sport is developed to contribute to healthy living and an active lifestyle for children as they are growing up. We believe an active child is a healthy child, and a healthy child can perform to the best of their abilities in life. [email protected] Sport also promote sport amongst children for the reason that it can provide opportunities to further their education and career through sport bursaries in schools and universities. [email protected] Sport activities keep kids off the streets and help them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. [email protected] Sport distributes soccer balls, netball balls and any other sport equipment to children in previously disadvantaged areas and to children living in extreme poverty. [email protected] Sport also arranges coaching clinics in areas where it usually wouldn’t have taken place. Sport equipment can be donated directly to [email protected] or a monetary contribution can be made towards this project.

[email protected] Food

There are many families and specifically children who can’t afford nutritional food. Therefore, [email protected] Food supplies nutritional food to those in need, especially children who are still developing and growing. These children can’t develop without all the necessary nutrients. Any food donations are welcome – preferably non-perishable food. Another focus area of [email protected] Food is providing basic necessities to families in need, this include blankets, beanies, scarves, clothes, toiletries and water purifiers. These are basic things we all have and take for granted, it is a reality that there are thousands of people trying to survive without these “basic things”.

[email protected] Health

[email protected] Health in partnership with CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) joined hands to help children with cancer and children affected by cancer. [email protected] Health is focused on creating awareness about cancer, cancer prevention, and supporting cancer survivors – Little Warriors At Play! [email protected] Health’s activities include donating prosthetics to these affected children whose families are not in a position to afford it. Other activities include providing mosquito nets to needy families in malaria affected areas, encouraging people in cholera affected areas to be aware of the risks and dangers, and to drink and use clean water at all times. This is where [email protected] Health and [email protected] Food work together by providing water purifiers in those areas. [email protected] Health would also like to increase our involvement in HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness.

[email protected] Ministries

[email protected] Ministries focusses on spreading the Word of God. God is the foundation of every life, career, and success achieved. Therefore [email protected] Ministries is a crucial part of the existence of [email protected] and the role we play in the world. [email protected] Ministries activities include providing AudioBibles to illiterate communities in their own languages, making it easier for them to hear and spread the Gospel. The AudioBibles are charged through a built-in solar panel, and can be ordered in almost any African language. Each Audio-bible is R250 (about $25) but can reach an estimated target group of about 50 people, as families in communities share this amongst each other. [email protected] Ministries also distribute children’s Bibles in various languages, as well as conventional Bibles where needed. These bibles can be bought by individuals or churches and sponsored to [email protected] or donations can be made to [email protected] for this purpose.

[email protected] International

[email protected] International is where all the projects come together ([email protected] Sport, [email protected] Education, [email protected] Food, [email protected] Health, and [email protected] Ministries) to help make a difference worldwide. [email protected] is based in South Africa, but we know that the basic problems experienced in South Africa are also a reality in other countries, especially in Africa. Various countries have been visited by our volunteers, and we will continue on our journey to help those in need anywhere in the world. [email protected] International can provide you the opportunity to become a [email protected] volunteer and ambassador in the disadvantaged communities in your country. Also check out our new awareness campaign – I Support [email protected] – and get involved in spreading the word! Visit Contact us to find out how you can become a [email protected] ambassador in your country.

Education is the most powerfull weapon which you use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela -

[email protected] is a registered non-profit organisation, SARS PBO and approved in terms of Section 18A tax benefit. We are focused on supporting children or families with children. Registration number: 078-601

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